Bastet's Bunnies
2006 ARBA Convention ~ Ft. Worth Texas
Oct. 27 - Nov. 2, 2006
Whew ... what a week!  It took 26 hours from my door to the Convention Center's door to get there ... and 25 hours to get back.   My travel conpanion, Steven Henderson and I hit the remnents of the hurricane that came up thru Mexico and drove in thirteen hours of heavy rain and 40-50 mph winds on the way down.  Once we hit OK, things cleared up and the rest of the week was beautiful! 

Over the weekend, my girlfriend Kim came up from the Houston area to visit.  Sure was nice to spend some time with her!  Each evening we went out to eat with bunny friends and each day it was non-stop activity at the showroom.  So much to do, so many people to see, so many bunnies to feel and so little time.  The week flew by.

A big thanks to Val for taking care of the bunnies for me while I was gone and to my son Brandon for holding down the rest of 'Fort Guth'.  If it wasn't for them, trips like this wouldn't be possible.  A big thanks to Steven for all his help with the driving, loading, unloading, talking to keep me awake and for listening to me babble.

Thank goodness MI and KY are closer!  : )
The LONG Drive
Spending Time with Friends
Horseback Riding with Friends
Bastet's Bunnies Fuzzy Lop Results
Bastet's Bunnies Lionhead Results
The Fuzzy Lop Banquet
Lionhead Show